Propper Goldenberg is a painter, multidisciplinary artist, one of Israel’s Ecological-Art pioneers.

She is a social-ecological activist and a developer of programs and means to promote environmental awareness through the practice of art.

Anat has shown large-scale solo exhibitions and participated in European and Israeli group exhibitions. Her art is displayed at public and private art collections around the world.

Dealing with subjects as social awareness and ecological catastrophes, Anat is crossing and mixing mediums- Fine art, video art, theater and performance.

As an artist, my work is to take feelings, associations, visual fragments and redirect them, alter them and forge them into a new material. Like an Alchemist, I am purifying, maturing and perfecting certain emotions and themes.

I redirect this illusive new state towards the viewer – Making his senses penetrate the boundaries of familiarity and touch the shadows of the unfamiliar.