Meeting Place

Meeting Place is a physical emblem of art and literature. Anat approached five female writers and five male writers whose writing was close to her heart and invited them to her studio in Tel Aviv to pick one of her artworks, from which they embarked to their own literary journey- producing ten new stories and poems.

The writers who participated in the projects – Colette Leinman, Gai Ad, Alon Altaras, Ari Libsker, Galia Oz, Miki Ben Cnaan, Limor Weisberg Caspi, Eitan Bar-Yosef, Dirk Maurits Polak, Boaz Lavie.

“Beautiful and Spiritual Creation” Shiri Lev-Ari

“What is this wonderful, sensual, beautiful and exciting thing? A Hardcover booklet, embossed on both sides. Without a “cover” or captions on the front and back. Gilt leaf margins. Textual   works in Hebrew and English on fine paper. Paper cutouts as gates. Visual works on folded chrome paper. What a multifaceted pleasure and joy of book craft”. Dr. Shmulik Faust/ Makor Reashon

Live interview at Kan Tarbut (from 1:50:10).

Interview in Portfolio Magazine

186 pages, 18.5 cm x 12 cm, Embossed hardcover, Publication date: 2019, 1000 copies, Book Design: Noa Schwartz, ISBN 978-9655727487 English, Hebrew.