Beautiful, Broken Me

“My body is weak and old and tired,
But I love him.
He is my vehicle in this wretched world,
And I thank him for it.
There is beauty in this state.
State of Bliss”. Propper Goldenberg

Solo Exhibition, 2017, Memoire de l’Avenir Gallery, Paris
Solo Exhibition, 2019, The Artists House Tel Aviv

The exhibition of Anat Propper Goldenberg presents a series of works that addresses the relationship between man and his industrial, rampant and corrupt environment. The works are from a feminine, personal perspective which sheds bright light on the small hidden individual, thus revealing its interior, like pure gold.

The exhibition, Beautiful, Broken Me, distinguishes the essential intimate beauty. Propper Goldenberg sought after the elusive, invisible and reflected beauty via variety of techniques. The expansive tools and materials Propper Goldenberg uses are a landmark in her work. Near a soft, pink and spectacular oil painting “Soft” with dripping clouds, the exhibition displays a sculpture, pencil drawings on paper, next to colored X-rays within light boxes. The works create a dialogue between the visible and the hidden – between the visible ordinary and miraculous.

Anatomical model of a human torso, which was found abandoned at the flea market, was transformed by Propper Goldenberg by pouring bronze into its internal space. Along the wall rises a totem of red targets, made with Chinese pencil on paper. One of the targets still misses its corpse. Old X-rays, shown in light-boxes, display a colorful mosaic of glass windows. They are here to expose the hidden beauty, reflecting also medical scientific anatomy.

A map of a human body, found in a Jaffa alley, reveals the internal organs of male and female. The work in thick oil paint strengthens the artists’ ambition to expose and reveal its interior.