I would like to thank few talented creatures, that accompanied me in this website:

Michal Gitnik-Permont

Taking many of my projects and ambitions out of my studio and onto a trip around the world. Creativity of thought, devotion, pro-activeness and tidiness.

Tink Design

Ben Rotem & Tom Kook

The “Grand-Architects” of so many PDFs, Invitations, presentations and this beautiful website. On time. Always.

Yoram Reshef

The talented “Eye” with the sensitivity and patience to capture my art in pictures.

Shuki Kook

Shuki Kook Studio & Anton Shestakov

The masters of Scenography. An ‘almost’ 3D feeling of paint.

Amit Shaal, Ohad Matalon
and Avi Chay

Took pictures of me and my art, through the years.

And a special Thanks to Colette Leinman, a chaperon in my artistic life.